RELIGION - All have one thing in common "GOD" but each religion has rituals and doctrines developed by a human* as his emissary.

*Buddhism as set forth in the Tipitaka by Sidhartha Guatama, Christianity as set forth in the Bible by Cannon Council, Islam as set forth in the Qur'an by Prophet Mohammed, Mormonism as set forth in the Book of Mormon by Joseph Smith, etc.

Control the influence of religious rituals with basic understanding. 1.Our essence or soul exists in God's realm/essence without human parameters.                                                                     2.Our birth creates a human experience for an insignificant amount of infinite time.                                                                3.Our experience does not interrupt or alter the infinite existence of our essence.

 Now!? Which rituals do "YOU" prefer to use to acknowledge that which is beyond human comprehension but by FAITH is. You could create your own and enjoy your relationship directly with God as your DIRECTION.

Allah vs God




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