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Homestead Utilities will install/connect a home for 2 to operational utilities anywhere a car can go.  Flip a switch and have lights, turn a faucet and have hot and cold pressurized water with functional indoor plumbing.

The DC solar electric systems are sufficient to provide lights and water pressure in your country home with NO monthly electric bills. Easily expandable to provide for additional amenities such as TVs, etc. The optional AC electric generator is sufficient for intermittent operation of appliances and tools.

The gas system capacity provides approximately 1 month's supply of propane to operate the refrigerator, cook & heat water.

The water system capacity provides approximately 1 month' s supply of potable drinking water for a single family residence.  

The gas and water transport tanks provide self-sufficient supply capabilities.

The composting toilet will accommodate 2 people.

Financing with $500.00 down, balance financed @ 8% for 10 years with  Note and Deed of Trust.

Homestead Utility Systems
System  Package 1  Package 2   Package 3  Package 4
Water X X X X
Septic   X X X
Gas     X X
Lights X X X X

Water System Components
Galvanized steel water tanks for storage, transport and cycling plus DC solar electricity.
Storage equivalency = 4600 gallons
Transport capacity  = 500 gallon trailer
Water Pressure = 35 PSI (includes 1 spare pressure pump}
Electric equivalency = self-sufficient to operate pressure pumps

Composting Toilet
Capacity equivalency =  2 people full time

Gas System Components
Propane tanks with distribution regulator and propane refrigerator
Storage equivalency = 50 gallons
Transport equivalency = 25 gallons
Refrigerator equivalency = 8 cubic ft. with 1.5 cubic ft. cross-top freezer

Light System Components  
4 ceiling light fixtures (DC)
4 lamp lights (DC)
DC solar electric equivalency = self-sufficient to operate lights and water pumps
        OPTION:  AC gas operated electric generator (4000 watts)

----  Warranty ----

Homestead Utilities guarantees for two (2) years that all components are built of quality materials and free of defects in material and/or workmanship.  Should any defects arise, the defective component(s) will be replaced or repaired without charge.  Homestead Utilities is not liable for incidental or consequential damage, labor or expense incurred arising from use of its products.



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